Electrify Canada Accelerated Growth in 2020 - Adding Fifteen Stations, Expanding into Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec

Network now offers 18 ultra-fast electric vehicle charging station with 72 chargers across Canada

Toronto, ON (February 2, 2021) – Electrify Canada, a provider of publicly available ultra-fast electric vehicle charging, continued its steady pace of growth throughout 2020 with the opening of eight new stations in Ontario and expansion into the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec. The company now offers 18 charging stations with 72 individual fast chargers across four provinces.

In the last few months alone, Electrify Canada opened new locations in Barrie, Hamilton, Kingston, Ottawa, and Sarnia. Each station is equipped with four individual chargers that offer the fastest EV charging available today, at speeds of up to 150kW and 350kW for capable vehicles.

Electrify Canada takes a thoughtful approach to the placement of each of its stations to facilitate a charging experience that is accessible, convenient, and fast. Most of the networks charging locations are on or nearby a major route or highway, and within reach of amenities like shopping, dining and restrooms. The Ontario stations exemplify this approach – adding charge points along major routes between Ottawa and Niagara to allow EV drivers to travel the province with ease.

Since the opening of its first charging station at the Toronto Premium Outlets in fall of 2019, Electrify Canada has sought to deliver greater EV mobility to drivers with the addition of multiple new charging stations in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and most recently, Quebec. The network opened its first two stations in the province this month with locations at the Montreal Premium Outlets in Mirabel and farther north in Trois-Rivières.

“Electrify Canada made tremendous progress in the last year, adding fifteen new stations, simplifying our pricing structure and beginning the roll out of overhead canopies to our stations,” said Anthony Lambkin, senior director of operations for Electrify Canada. “With locations now in four provinces, we’re eager to capitalize on this growth and further densify the network – increasing the accessibility of ultra-fast, reliable and convenient charging infrastructure to serve the growing number of Canadians choosing to drive electric.”

“While travel is not an option for most right now, our charging stations remain open as essential services for those needing to travel for work, school, or other government-sanctioned reasons.” said Lambkin.  

New Infrastructure, Competitive Pricing

The growing EV charging network made several major enhancements to its network in the second half of 2020, in aims of strengthening the charging experience beyond the addition of charging stations. Starting in October, Electrify Canada began installing overhead canopies at a number of its locations. Projected to cover the entire network, the canopies provide an especially welcome update this winter to those looking for protection from Canada’s unpredictable elements. The overhead canopies also offer additional lighting for better visibility while charging at night.

Electrify Canada also rolled out a simplified pricing plan in October, providing customers with competitive rates for two power levels, from 1-90kW and 1-350kW, and eliminating session fees. Specific details on the pricing can be found in the Electrify Canada mobile app, which allows users to locate a station, initiate, monitor and pay for a charging session all remotely.

The network will continue to roll out throughout 2021, with a fresh focus on its commitment to open 32 charging stations with a total of 128 fast chargers. Drivers can expect further expansion throughout Ontario with stations in London and Cornwall projected to open by mid-2021. To locate a charging station and view upcoming locations, visit https://www.electrify-canada.ca/locate-charger.

Electrify Canada locations open in Ontario:

  • Canadian Tire, 75 Mapleview Dr W, Barrie, ON
  • Canadian Tire, 2360 Parkedale Ave, Brockville, ON
  • Toronto Premium Outlets, 13850 Steeles Ave W, Halton Hills, ON
  • Canadian Tire, 686 Queenston Road, Hamilton, ON
  • Canadian Tire, 2560 Princess St, Kingston, ON
  • Canadian Tire, 330 Coventry Rd, Ottawa, ON
  • Canadian Tire, 441 Gibb St, Oshawa, ON
  • Manulife, 1330 Exmouth St, Sarnia, ON
  • Canadian Tire, 4630 Sheppard Ave E, Scarborough, ON
  • Canadian Tire, 37 Mill St E, Tilbury, ON
  • Canadian Tire, 158 Primeway Dr, Welland, ON

Electrify Canada locations open in Alberta, British Columbia, and Quebec:

  • Shops of Canmore, 300 Old Canmore Rd, Canmore, AB
  • District of Hope, 349 Fort St., Hope, BC
  • Canadian Tire, 1441 Hillside Dr, Kamloops, BC
  • Canadian Tire, 1655 Leckie Rd, Kelowna, BC
  • Canadian Tire, 2761 Forksdale Ave, Merritt, BC
  • Montreal Premium Outlets, 19001 Chemin Notre Dame, Mirabel, QC
  • Canadian Tire, 3525 Boulevard Des Forges, Trois-Rivières, QC



About Electrify Canada

Electrify Canada was established in July 2018.  Electrify Canada’s goal is to promote greater Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) adoption by building a transformative, ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) direct current (DC) charging infrastructure that gives Canadians the speed and reliability to confidently make the switch to electric. For more information, visit: electrify-canada.ca.

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